Chubby Bubble Vapes Bubble Purp Ejuice


Bubble Purp Ejuice by Chubby Bubble Vapes features an eliquid flavor of sweet and chewy bubblegum flavored with imported concord grapes from Italy! Offer the perfect cloud of bubble-bursting enjoyment with every deep puff of this grape flavored dream! Have your fruit and your candy too, thanks to this fruit and candy eliquid! Brand: Chubby Bubble Vapes / Bottle Size: 60ml / Flavor Type: Sweets Chubby Bubble Vapes Bubble Purp Ejuice Description Enjoy a fresh and flavorful cloud of chewy grape bubblegum, sweetened with freshly picked grapes from the vineyards of Italy! Blow clouds the size of impressive bubblegum bubbles, and pop the sweet scent of lush purple grapes in every puff! To capture the authentic flavor of these delicious fruits, we took a trip to Italy to personally wander through the lush vineyards that are world-renowned for their sweetness and taste. Sun filtered picturesquely through the vines, casting beams of soft light through the writhing vine-covered trestles. Dark purple grapes gleamed in the sunlight and offered themselves willingly to the outstretched fingertips and parched tongues looking for juicy refreshment. Once we had stuffed our face with delicious plump grapes, we gathered what we could and packed up large wooden crates. Once back in our Sugar Factory, we stuffed an entire grape inside a chewy square of bubblegum, offering a fresh and fruity flavor of Italy in every bubbly cloud! Feast on a fruit-filled sweet as you puff on delicious puffy clouds, larger than any bubble you could ever hope to blow with ordinary bubblegum! Enjoy the rich and flavorful taste of pure Italian grapes rolled into a soft and chewy bubblegum square in every cloud, thanks to Bubble Purp by Chubby Bubble Vapes!