Cloudmouth More Please Ejuice


More Please Ejuice by Cloudmouth is a mouthwatering raspberry hard candy, complete with a liquid raspberry center! Enjoy your fruit and candy cravings in one glorious cloud! Your taste really will be asking for more with every puff of this sweet and juicy fruit all-day vape juice! Brand: Cloudmouth / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Cloudmouth More Please Ejuice Description This eliquid definitely isnt shy about what it wants, and it wants your taste buds to be constantly asking for more of this fine flavor! Enjoy a delicious cloud of sweet and summery raspberries, bursting with lush berry goodness. These berries have been ripened to a deep red and offer a smooth hit of flavor with every puff. Fill your mouth with the fragrant clouds of rich warm raspberries, sweet with the faintest hint of tart flavor. These tart berries fill thousands of wild berry patches, just waiting to be plucked. So pluck them we did! We plucked as many of these berries as our baskets could hold and ran back to our candy factory. We dumped our heaping baskets of raspberries into a large bowl, and mashed them into a sweet berry compote! A pound of sugar got dumped into the berry mash, along with some hard candy powder that transformed these ordinary berries into a liquid candy delight! We poured this liquid raspberry candy into molds, but made sure to keep that center soft and chewy for your vaping delight! Once these candies hardened, we stuffed as many raspberry candies into the hefty 100mL bottle you see before you. Enjoy a deliciously chewy and sugary sweet raspberry hard candy eliquid for days, thanks to this ingenious blend that will have your taste buds screaming More Please by Cloudmouth!