Cloudmouth Pinky Ejuice


Pinky Ejuice by Cloudmouth delivers the delicious flavor of fresh watermelon and juicy honeydew melons in a single cloud! Satisfy your summer melon cravings with this rich and flavorful melon juice! Thick slices of watermelon and smooth spheres of honeydew melon are only a pink cloud away! Brand: Cloudmouth / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Cloudmouth Pinky Ejuice Description Enjoy a refreshing melon mix, crafted purely for those vapers who crave a rich and fruity flavor of sweet watermelons and hearty honeydew melons. Surround yourself with the lush fruits of the wilderness, where fat and swollen watermelons lay ripe in the hot summer sun. These juicy emerald melons lay patiently on the vine, waiting for some hungry soul to hack into the thick rind and reveal the tender ruby red watermelon flesh within! This sweet melon gushes with sticky yet refreshing watermelon juice, delivering that mouthwatering flavor your fruit cravings demand! But theres more to this flavor than meets the eye. A second flavor presents itself on the exhale of this fruity eliquid: honeydew melons! Smooth and firm honeydew melons have ripened to a soft pale green, their lush melon rinds nearly glowing in the midmorning sun. A knife carves into that shimmering rind and reveals a glistening pale green honeydew melon flesh that calls out to your taste buds. Indulge in the fresh and fruity flavor of the famous honeydew melons, smooth and sweet with the faintest hint of tartness. These melons are scooped into smooth spheres and stacked into a large bowl, ready for you to dive in and have some fun! Enjoy a refreshing mix of sweet watermelon chunks and luscious honeydew melon spheres, ready to whisk your taste buds away with the juicy pink clouds! Grab a bottle of Pinky Ejuice by Cloudmouth today and lose yourself in the refreshing melons of summer with every cloud!