Cloudmouth Spoon Ejuice


Spoon Ejuice by Cloudmouth is a heaping bowl of your favorite rainbow pebbled cereal, complete with a stream of milk for an extra punch of creaminess! Enjoy a spoonful of this sweet and creamy dessert eliquid, whether for your morning wake and vape sessions or your end of the day cloud snacks! Brand: Cloudmouth / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Cloudmouth Spoon Ejuice Description Grab your spoon and leap off the diving board into a cloud of creamy cereal goodness! This flavor combines your love of clouds with your love of delicious breakfast flavors, complete with a strawberry milk finish! This particular breakfast flavor fave features a freshly poured bowl of cereal, with every color of the rainbow staining the crunchy pebbles. The pebbled cereal clinks delightful against the bowl as the cereal is poured until it nearly reaches the top of the bowl. But weve got to save room for the milk, which gets poured in a cold creamy stream right atop the cereal. Once the cereal reaches the very edge of the bowl, its time to dive right in! Your spoon scoops up this marvelous breakfast snack, and your mouth is watering to taste that succulent cereal, when lo and behold, the brimming bowl vanishes! In its place is a tall 100mL bottle of breakfast flavored eliquid, ready to delight your taste buds at a moments notice! Enjoy this sweet and creamy cloud of crunchy pebbled deliciousness on the inhale, and that smooth strawberry milk on the exhale! Youll be puffing on this delicious eliquid morning, noon, and night, all thanks to this delicious flavor aptly named Spoon Ejuice by Cloudmouth!