Colors Fruity Ejuice


Fruity Ejuice by Colors presents a handful of weet and hard life-preserver shaped candies bob in the water, flavored with juicy watermelon, luscious peach, crisp apple, and summer strawberry as they offer the perfect cloud of delicious fruit goodness! Brand: Colors / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 60/40 / Flavor Type: Sweets Colors Fruity Ejuice Description Remember those maddening dashes to the candy store, where you couldnt wait to help yourself to a roll of sweet and fruity hard candies? Well, now you can enjoy this delicious eliquid rendition of life-preserver sweets in a single cloud! All of the summer fruits have collaborated and united in one supremely candied fruit ejuice, perfect for your vape taste buds! Warm Georgia peaches drip sweet sticky juice upon the first bite, soft and fuzzy on the outside, but sweet and sticky on the inside! Next, we have crisp gala apples, brandishing the refreshing taste of the fall orchard sun in every cloud. Vine-ripened watermelons burst with watery sweetness, ready to infuse your clouds with delicious summer memories. Finally, ripe and ruby red strawberries delivers a sweet and sunkissed flavor that is nearly too delicious to bear. All of these succulent fruits are magically transformed into a hard candy ring, ready to save your vape taste buds from the inferior candy imitations that flood the vape juice market! Enjoy a sweet candied version of the famous sweet treat, and lose yourself in the hard candy that bears a fresh and juicy fruit in each candied ring, thanks to Fruity Ejuice by Colors!