Colors Red Ejuice


Red Ejuice by Colors features sweet and chewy bursts of strawberry, raspberry, and cherry complete this trifecta of deliciousness! Enjoy a life-saver of sweetness with this crunchy hard candy from Colors! Brand: Colors / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 60/40 / Flavor Type: Sweets Colors Red Ejuice Description This fantastic ejuice is comprised of a sweet trinity that begs to wreak havoc on your taste buds. Warm summer strawberries gleam in the morning sun, waiting to be plucked from their bushes. Smooth and sultry red raspberries gently sway in a soft breeze, reflecting the sunshine in lush dew drops. And as a finishing taste to an utterly delicious flavor, tart cherries dangle just within reach of your eager fingertips. These three fruits are crushed into a liquid red fruit juice, dark and bold and full of flavor! This delicious red flavor gets swirled into a batch of sweet candy, poured into small ring-shaped molds, and left to cool into a succulent hard candy! Once the hard candy is cooled, the entire batch gets brushed with a sugary glaze to ensure a shiny sweet candy that bursts with the fresh flavor of sunkissed strawberries, dark cherries, and lush raspberries! Take your vape taste buds on a multi-layered fruit cloud adventure with enticing strawberry, sweet raspberries, and tart cherry swirled into a lovely hard candy! Never yearn for a succulent candy eliquid again, as you puff on the smooth and fruity flavor of red hard candies, thanks to Red Ejuice by Colors!