Colors Sour Ejuice


Sour Ejuice by Colors features a handful of sweet and crunchy hard candies with a sour center, offering clouds of enjoyment for days! Take your vape taste buds on a delicious ride through sweet crunchy candies with a kick of sourness at the end to finish! Brand: Colors / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 60/40 / Flavor Type: Sweets Colors Sour Ejuice Description Several vape scientists from Colors eLiquid traveled to the solitary island right before you reach the edge of the earth, and took extreme care to glean a handful of every single fruit on the island. On their travels home, they somehow mixed up the names of the fruit on each barrel, making it extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly which flavors are present in this vape. Tart cherries seem to make an appearance with their bold and tart flavor. A handful of citrus also seem to play an important role, hence the sour bite of the lemon and the tart zing of the lime. Perhaps a crate of oranges got thrust into the mix, as there does seem to be a hint of sweet citrus in every cloud. Maybe a juicy mango somehow got loose in this eliquid, as this flavor screams with sweet and refreshing tropical delight. Finally, we can only guess that a strawberry is running around in this eliquid, with its sunkissed flavor making a mad dash for power in every cloud. Tart, sweet, sour, and delicious is the name of the game, and Colors nailed the sweet and sour aspect of this eliquid, creating an absolutely delightful liquid called Sour that is appropriately named for every mouth-squinching puff!