Cones Honeydew Melon Ejuice


This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Honey Dew Melon Ejuice by Cones Ejuice features a delicious creamsicle, flavored with sweet vine-ripened melons covered in cream, and stuffed into a cone-shaped mold for a delightfully refreshing dessert like none your vape taste buds have ever tried before! Enjoy a cold and creamy summer treat that features fresh fruit and cold cream in every cloud. Brand: Cones Ejuice / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cones Honeydew Melon Ejuice Description Sometimes summer months come with unbearably hot days, ones where youd just like to kick back with a cold treat in your hand and your shades over your eyes. Thanks to this delicious 100mL bottle of creamy deliciousness, your vape taste buds can be soothed with the thick and creamy clouds of a fruit and cream popsicle! Since only the best will do, we hunted down the exact location of the freshest and juiciest melons and filled up an entire cartload of sweet honeydew melons. These melons get hewn in half with a sharp machete, stripped of their green rind, and sliced into thick chunks. Hundreds of sweet and juicy honeydew melon chunks are thrown headfirst into a bowl of farm-fresh cream and pure cane sugar, where they soak for a solid 24 hours to ensure a thick and creamy dessert. This sweet and creamy dessert gets crushed into a thick fruit puree and slowly poured into fat cone molds. Each cone gets placed into the freezer to fully firm, and a popsicle stick is inserted into each center. A few agonizing hours later, the honeydew melon popsicles are fully formed, and ready to be devoured by your salivating taste buds!