Cones Strawberry Banana Ejuice


This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Strawberry Banana Ejuice by Cones Ejuice features a summer popsicle, sweetened with ripe fruit and farm-fresh cream. Thousands of lush strawberries and hundreds of golden ripe bananas get covered in cream and sugar, intent on taking your vape taste buds on a wildly exciting flavor ride! Brand: Cones Ejuice / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cones Strawberry Banana Ejuice Description Every once in a while, summer rears its ugly head and beats down upon your with unyielding rays of nearly unbearable heat. On days like those, your vape taste buds yearn for the fresh and creamy treat of a frozen popsicle, waiting to refresh your palette with cold and creamy goodness. To make this decadent treat, we start with several bunches of golden ripe bananas. These exotic fruits are carefully stripped of their thick yellow peels and are cut into thick slices. Next, we have an overflowing barrel of sunkissed strawberries, freshly picked from the field and bursting with summer sweetness. Strawberries and bananas come together in a large vat, where they are crushed into a sweet and aromatic puree. Along comes a huge pitcher of farm fresh cream and a heaping scoop of pure cane sugar, and now the treat is nearly complete! This delicious blending of fruits and cream and sugar is whirled into a thick and creamy liquid, which gets carefully poured into a large cone-shaped mold. After the addition of a few popsicle sticks to the middle, these molds get stuffed into a freezer, where they slowly freeze into a firm popsicle! Treat your vape taste buds to the delicious frozen treat of a strawberry and banana popsicle, where your cravings for something creamy, fruity, and sweet can all be unanimously satisfied!