Confection Vape American Woman Ejuice


American Woman Ejuice by Confection Vape brings the taste of a fresh-out-of-the-oven, warm, American apple pie. Delicious apple slices are perfectly baked inside of a golden crust with hints of cinnamon and creamy tones combining to create an American classic that is masterfully portrayed in eliquid form with this 60ml bottle of delightful vape juice. Brand: Confection Vape / Bottle Size: 60ml / VG/PG: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Confection Vape American Woman Ejuice Description Treat yourself to a freshly baked cinnamon apple pie, perfected long ago by the patriotic women of America. This delicious eliquid has nailed the sweet and spicy dessert that has truly become a classic American symbol. Bushels of crisp and sweet fall apples are toted into the kitchen, ready to be pared, sliced, and prepared. These sweet apple slices are soaked in a bath of melted butter, warm brown sugar, and spicy cinnamon, ensuring a thick and sweet flavor in every bite! Once the apple slices are thoroughly coated with the sticky sweet cinnamon, theyre neatly layered in a flaky pie crust, covered with the remaining pie crust, and brushed with an egg wash. The pie is then set in the oven, where it bakes to a delicious golden brown! This decadent dessert is set on the windowsill to cool, where it sends out maddening scents of freshly baked goodness that makes your mouth water and your nostrils tingle with desire! Sink your teeth into a freshly baked apple pie, stuffed with cinnamon coated apples and a buttery crust. You may never look for another dessert eliquid again, thanks to this delicious kitchen creation known as American Woman by Confection Vape!