Confection Vape Fetti Pop Ejuice


Fetti Pop Ejuice by Confection Vape will really have you feeling like its your birthday with every vape cloud you blow of this cake pop-flavored eliquid. Take a bite out of a perfectly moist, rainbow speckled cake pop completely covered in creamy strawberry frosting. Youll be reminded of your favorite childhood birthday party with every puff of this yummy vape juice creation! Brand: Confection Vape / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Confection Vape Fetti Pop Ejuice Description Celebrate your birthday andy day of the year with this delightful kitchen confection, featuring a freshly baked cake pop dipped in a smooth and sugary strawberry frosting. First up, we have a moist and luscious cake pop. A thick and creamy batter was whipped up, featuring mounds of pure cane sugar, freshly whipped eggs, softened sweet butter, a dash of Tahitian vanilla, a splash of farm fresh cream, and of course, a heaping handful of crunchy rainbow sprinkles! This sweet and sticky batter gets poured into several spherical molds, and set in the oven, where it bakes to a delicate golden brown! The cake pops are pulled out of the oven and set to cool on the kitchen counter, sending out delicious tendrils of freshly baked goodness throughout the house. Once the cake pops have cooled, a lollipop stick is inserted into the center. These adorable little cake pops are now ready for the best part…the frosting! A batch of freshly whipped strawberry frosting was crafted using fresh summer strawberries and rich buttercream. Each cake pop gets coated with this deliciously sweet and sticky strawberry frosting, rolled in even more rainbow sprinkles, and set before you in a delicious 60mL bottle that will have you singing, “Happy Birthday” to your clouds all day long!