Cookie King DVNK Ejuice


DVNK Ejuice by Cookie King features a thin and crispy graham cracker cookie, stuffed with fresh whipped vanilla cream and ready to be dunked in a tall glass of milk! Feast on a cloud of buttery graham crackers and fluffy whipped vanilla cream in every cloud, as you satisfy those pesky sweet tooth flavors with the clouds of the Cookie King! Brand: Cookie King / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cookie King DVNK Ejuice Description Remember those little snack packs of buttery graham crackers next to a little tub of vanilla cream? If you do (and even if you dont), youre invited to take a trip to see just how this cookie eliquid crumbles into your vape tank! First up, we start with buttery graham crackers. Long sheets of graham crackers are split into thin strips, ensuring a “dunkable” size is readily available. These buttery graham crackers are stacked high on the counter and set aside. Next, a homemade batter of thick vanilla cream is whipped up, featuring pure cane sugar, farm fresh cream, a hefty dash of Tahitian vanilla, and several fluffy egg whites. This sweet vanilla cream is beaten into a stiff frosting and is scooped into small square-shaped containers. The adjacent graham crackers are layered into the rectangular compartment in the container and the entire snack is set before you on a silver platter, earnestly waiting to be transformed into thick and creamy cookie clouds! Enjoy a feast of sweet graham cracker cookies dunked heartily into a freshly whipped batch of homemade vanilla frosting with this delicious eliquid, ready to delight your vape taste buds with rich and creamy clouds!