Cookie Twist Strawberry Honey Graham Ejuice


Strawberry Honey Graham is a delicious vape juice by Cookie Twist Eliquid. This premium eliquid contains the flavors of strawberry jam, graham cracker, and honey drizzle. Brand: Cookie Twist / Bottle Size: 120ml (2x60ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cookie Twist Strawberry Honey Graham Ejuice Description This eliquid is produced with premium ingredients, and all its flavors are excellently blended. None of the flavors in this eliquid ever get overpowering. None of the flavors in this vape juice gets overpowering or taste like they contain any artificial flavors. This eliquid tastes impressive and can be vaped all day long without you getting bored. Strawberry Honey Graham is the kind of eliquid that you can confidently recommend to your friends and family. When you inhale Strawberry Honey Graham, it is the taste of the honey glazed graham cracker cookie flavor that fills the mouth. And when you exhale, it is the sun-ripped strawberry flavor that becomes pronounced. This eliquid also has a rich aftertaste that has a long-lasting.