Cravve Gold Ejuice


CRAAVE Gold Ejuice by Black Gost Vapors features a crisp and crunchy cookie drizzled with sultry caramel and dunked in a fresh cup of cold brew coffee! Enjoy a warm and crumbly flavor of buttery cookies with molten caramel and wrapped in a silky coffee cloud in your morning wake-and-vape session, and you might skip that coffee shop line for good! Brand: Black Gost Vapors / Bottle Size:120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cravve Gold Ejuice Description Whether you like your coffee black, light, or cafe au lait, feast on the coffee flavor your taste buds have been dreaming of. CRAVVE Gold features a smooth and seductive flavor of freshly roasted coffee beans in a single puff. The bold and warm flavor of cold-brew coffee wakes up your vape taste buds with an energetic jolt, and brings you to your knees with awed appreciation. But coffee should never be alone, and Cravve Gold made sure of that by adding in a thin and crispy cookie! These smooth and buttery cookies contain a faint trace of toffee and nutmeg, delivering a delicious flavor to this eliquid. Each cookie is drizzled with a seductive and gooey caramel, the smooth and sticky flavor caressing your vape taste buds with silky sweet goodness! Indulge in seductively sweet flavor, perfect for a morning breakfast cloud, midday snack, or an after-dinner puff. Crisp crunchy and butter toffee cookies drizzled with soft and warm caramel dunked in a fresh mug of cold brew coffee offers a flavor beyond the realm of ordinary e liquids. Take your vape taste buds on a smooth and creamy journey of rich and bold flavor, bursting with creamy dessert clouds.