Cream Monster VSOP Ejuice


VSOP Ejuice by Cream Monster delivers a luscious blend of summer watermelon, ripened on the vine until the entire fruit is swollen with lush flavor. This juicy melon is sliced into thick chunks, paired with a handful of wild berries, and covered in a thick layer of freshly whipped cream! Brand: Cream Monster / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cream Monster VSOP Ejuice Description The VSOP Ejuice features a trifecta of unusual ingredients that blended together create a supreme ejuice that promises to delight your vape taste buds and entice your nostrils. First up, we start with heavenly watermelon. The swollen summer fruit has waited all summer for the chance to wash over your taste buds with fresh and juicy flavor. The watermelon is sliced in half to reveal the deep ruby red flavor, sticky with fresh melon juice. The watermelon is stripped of its thick green rind, carved into thick chunks, and tossed into a large bowl. A handful of moist ripe berries are sprinkled liberally over the watermelon chunks, featuring all of your favorites. Lush strawberries were harvested in a sunny field, while dainty raspberries were delicately gathered from a forest nearby. Venture deeper into the forest and youll find dark blackberries brooding on the vine, while plump blueberries dangle just within your reach. And just when you thought this flavor couldnt get any better, youre hit with a wave of freshly whipped cream! This frothy cream was brought to you straight from the farm, completely covering the watermelon chunks and mixed berries. Enjoy a very special eliquid with all the fruits and creams your vape taste buds have been searching for!