Cream Team 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Cream Team 3 Pack delivers a triple bundle of delicious desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving, anywhere, and at any time! Warm and soft cinnamon buns abound in one bottle, while a heaping bowl of Neopolitan ice cream awaits you in a second bottle. Finally, a rich and sticky buttercream frosting awaits in the final bottle, making this 3-pack something you could only dream of, until now! Brand: Cream Team / Bottle Size: 300 mL (3x100ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cream Team 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description Buttercream Ejuice – This delicious frosting flavor makes all of your sweet cream dreams come true, in a flavor that features the sweet and creamy decadence of a buttercream frosting blended with thick and creamy vanilla ice cream. Fresh cane sugar, tons of sweet cream, soft butter, and beaten eggs are churned together to feature a rich and fluffy buttercream that beats the cake into submission of its frothy frosting! Slather this rich and creamy frosting over a bowl of triple churned vanilla ice cream, and you may have very well discovered your new favorite ice cream topping! Cinnaroll Ejuice – Picture a freshly baked Christmas bun, dripping with a soft sugary glaze, sprinkled with brown sugar, and practically begging to be paired with a glass of cold creamy milk. The cinnamon wafts from the pull-apart dough in long heavy breaths and the tiniest smidge of nutmeg entices your nostrils in a decadent dessert dream that proves nearly impossible to ignore. This delicious flavor was inspired by one of America??????s favorite sugary treats and strives to emulate the flavor as close to the original as possible. Neapolitan Ejuice – Our vape chemists scoured the ice cream factories of the earth, searching for the perfect inspiration to craft their dream flavor. After several long months of searching, they returned to their vape lab and blended one of the most decadent and creamy flavors that will certainly have you screaming for more! Sweet Tahitian vanilla bean was added to a small batch of creamy goodness, freshly picked strawberries were added to a second batch, and decadent milk chocolate was added to a third. Enjoy a freshly churned trinity that sets itself apart from all other ice cream dessert flavors! Each of these flavors is wonderfully present in both the inhale and the exhale, presenting a flavor that truly vapes for itself! Satisfy your curious vape taste buds with the vape flavor of the ages, featuring sweet and creamy flavors of milk chocolate, summer strawberry, and classic vanilla!