Crisp Lemon Drop Ejuice


Lemon Drop Ejuice by Crisp (by Cosmic Fog) is a sweet lemon candy flavor that will have you producing sugary clouds all day. Imagine pouring a handful of sugar crystals over a fresh, juicy lemon and finding an alchemist to magically turn that juicy flavor a sugary sweet, lightly tart, lemon candy vape juice. Brand: Crisp (by Cosmic Fog) / Bottle Size: 120ml (2x 60ml bottles) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Crisp Lemon Drop Ejuice Description This eliquid presents a smooth and crunchy hard candy flavored with the sweet and tart flavor of fresh Meyer lemons! Hundreds of lemons are flown in from the sunny groves in Florida, filling the room with the cloying scent of fresh citrus. These fresh and tangy citrus gems are crushed, lemon peel and all, into a chunky lemon compote. The lemon compote delivers a rush of tart and tangy goodness, along with a slight hint of sweetness. A pound of sugar is folded in, ensuring a taste of sweetness in spite of the slightly sour flavor of the lemon juice. Finally, this sugary sweet lemon compote is folded into a batch of liquid candy, infusing the golden liquid with a delicious rush of lemon goodness. The candy is spooned into small drops on wax paper and left to cool. The resulting hard lemon candy presents a small drop of heaven that instantly coats your vape taste buds with a kick of lemon citrus and a touch of sugary sweetness. Enjoy the crisp and flavorful taste of freshly made lemon drops, crunchy and smooth and altogether lovely. Prepare to lose yourself in the resounding flavor of hearty citrus, sweet sugar, and crunchy hard candies all in one cloud!