Crisp Strawberine Ejuice


Strawberine Ejuice by Crisp (by Cosmic Fog) is a unique combination of ripe strawberries and citrusy sweet tangerine slices converted into eliquid form and packaged into 2- 60ml bottles that youll take with you everywhere! Brand: Crisp (by Cosmic Fog) / Bottle Size: 120ml (2x 60ml bottles) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Crisp Strawberine Ejuice Description The crafting of this eliquid was an adorable inspiration to ripe tangerines and sunkissed strawberries, and the good people at Crisp wanted to craft a flavor that was thoroughly appreciated and loved by all. Since strawberries are well-known as a delicious fun berry and the tangerines are too loveable to not want to munch on, it seemed like an excellent fruit eliquid to emulate! Hundreds of wild strawberries were plucked in the sweltering heat of summer, their sweet flavor being the only motivation to labor under the unyielding sun. These juicy red berries gleamed a vibrant ruby red and their value in flavor is worth more than the actual precious gem. Next in this eliquid duo is loveable tangerines. These palm-sized favorites were picked fresh from the orange groves in Florida, their sweet citrus globes giving a delicious orange scent to the entire room. The tangerines get quickly peeled and broken off into cute wedges, where a thin wall of tangerine skin is the only thing preventing the succulent juice from spilling. Ruby red strawberries and delicious tangerine portions unite in this crisp and juicy fruit flavor. For fruit vape juice lovers everywhere, this is one eliquid you wont want to miss!