CSTRD. Ejuice


CSTRD. Ejuice delivers a smooth and creamy flavor straight to your tank. With rich undertones of sweet cream, fluffy egg whites, and fresh cane sugar, this pudding-like flavor raises the bar for your dessert flavor faves! Enjoy a sweet and creamy eliquid that envelopes your vape taste buds in a cloud of rich vanilla custard! Brand: CSTRD. Ejuice / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert CSTRD. Ejuice Description Custard is one of the delightful cousins to pudding, and if youre a big fan of sweet and milky custard with slight undertones of vanilla, youre in for a real treat with this ejuice concoction. For this pudding treat, we gathered a plethora of fresh ingredients, because only the best will do! First, a heaping cup of cream and an equally large cup of sugar are combined into a large stovetop pan, where they are left to bubble nicely to combine. Next, we slowly fold in a few whipped eggs along with a dash of Tahitian vanilla into the bubbling sweet cream. As the mixture slowly thickens to a rich and creamy texture, the freshly made custard is removed from the heat and allowed to cool. Once the sweet texture has cooled, it gets stirred and dusted with flecks of powdered sugar to ensure a mouthful of sugary sweetness. This decadent dessert was crafted for the sugar cravers in all of us, soothing those cravings with a heaping bowl full of sweet vanilla custard. Enjoy a smooth and sweet cloud of dessert deliciousness with this eliquid, as you munch on a decadent bowl of freshly made vanilla custard!