Dairy King Lemon Milk Ejuice


Lemon Milk Ejuice by Dairy King features a tall glass of milk, sweetened with sugared slices of Meyer lemons. Now before you roll your eyes, take a chance on a unique eliquid and try out a creamy eliquid with just a touch of citrus. You might just be surprised with how delicious your clouds will be! Brand: Dairy King / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Dairy King Lemon Milk Ejuice Description Take on something unique and just a tad bit dangerous, as you roll around in a cloud of sweet lemons and creamy milk! First up, we had to get the lemons for this flavor. We traveled all the way to Florida to walk through the lemon groves, basking in the warm and comforting scents of ripening citrus. We filled our baskets with these firm and tangy lemons and made our way back to the farmhouse. Once back at the barn, we got an idea…what would lemon milk taste like? Buckets of fresh milk from our beloved cows were lined up in rows on the barn floor, waiting to be toted into the house and used. Instead of wondering forever and never knowing the answer, we decided to get to work and make our dream a reality. The lemons were washed, peeled, and removed of their seeds. The lemon rind is soaked in a bath of simple syrup and set aside for the next 24 hours. The tart and tangy lemon juice is slowly swirled into the farm fresh cream, and the sugared lemon rinds are tossed in to ensure a burst of sweet citrus and creamy goodness!