Dinner Lady Mango Tart Ejuice


Mango Tart Ejuice is the newest flavor from the Dinner Lady lineup. Featuring a delicious combination of sweet mangoes battered in a rich cream that is placed inside of golden brown shortbread crust, this eliquid flavor is perfect for any dessert vape lover. Brand: Dinner Lady / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Dinner Lady Mango Tart Ejuice Description Enjoy a unique dessert treat with a hint of exotic sweetness, as you munch on a freshly baked mango tart, complete with a buttery shortbread crust! Several crates of Trinidadian mangoes are shipped to the Dinner Ladys doorstep, ready and waiting to be used in a magnificent culinary masterpiece that your vape taste buds will be proud of! These sweet mangoes are peeled, pitted, and sliced into thick wedges. Sticky juice runs off the mango slices in rivers, promising a delightful flavor in every mouthful. These mango slices are crushed into a thick and juicy pulp, tossed with just a pinch of sugar, and set aside. The crust is crafted by pounding hundreds of shortbread cookies into a fine meal, coating the crumbs with melted butter, and firmly pressing the buttery cookie crumbs into a pie tin. Next, the mango compote is delicately layered into the pie crust, brushed with a beaten egg wash, and placed in the oven where it bakes to a mouthwatering golden brown. As a finishing touch, a single dollop of whipped cream is plopped atop the decadent dessert. So go ahead, cut yourself a thick slice of freshly baked mango tart and feast on fresh fruit and smooth cream-scented clouds for days!