DNA Vapor Milk & Honey Ejuice


Milk & Honey is a superb vape juice produced by DNA Vapor. This eliquid blends the flavors of milk and honey. Brand: DNA Vapor / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets DNA Vapor Milk & Honey Ejuice Description Milk & Honey is a classic eliquid that standout from other e-juice blends with a similar flavor profile. This is e-juice by DNA Vapor is unique because of the high quality of the ingredients it contains and how well they are blended. The chances of you tasting any artificial flavors when you vape Milk & Honey are slim. All you get its the smoothness of the milk and honey flavors when you vape this eliquid. And both flavors are balanced. None of these flavors ever get to the point of becoming overpowering in any way. Milk & Honey is the kind of eliquid that is ideal for vaping in the mornings. However, this DNA Vapor e-juice tastes so great that you can vape it all day long. The inhale of Milk & Honey is just as exciting as the exhale. Even the aftertaste of this DNA Vapor eliquid is pleasant and has a long-lasting effect on the taste buds. When you vape this eliquid, it is the taste of the creamy milk flavor that first hits you. And when you exhale, it is the sweetness of the honey flavor that comes alive. Both flavors complement each other to make Milk & Honey an exciting vape.