Donut Town Pebbled Place Ejuice


Pebbled Place Ejuice by Donut Town features a bottle of soft and freshly baked donuts with a delightful crunchy rainbow cereal topped-frosting! Take your morning wake-and-vape sessions to new levels as you feast on the dessert breakfast of vape champions! Sweet and gooey donuts dunked in a tall glass of milk will have you munching on donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Brand: Donut Town / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Donut Town Pebbled Place Ejuice Description In a town that made itself famous on the map of cloud-chasing flavor, theres one place, in particular, that we think you should visit…Pebbled Place! Whats so good about this flavor, you ask? It houses the towns beloved crunchy cereal, where pebbled cereal is scooped up by the bowl and sprinkled onto warm and freshly baked donuts. These donuts were crafted from the finest donut dough the city could provide, bursting with warm notes of pure cane sugar, melted butter, sweet vanilla, and farm fresh cream. These kitchen creations were rolled into that beloved donut shape, stuffed into the oven, and set to bake just for the treats to rise. The donuts were then whisked out of the oven and dumped in a cheerful pot of bubbling oil. Each side of the donut is fried to a deep golden brown, glistening with oil and ready to be gobbled up! But theres still a few more things before we can set this donut before you to chow down on. A glistening waterfall of sticky vanilla frosting awaits patiently to frost each donut as it slides by on a conveyor belt, sweet and sticky and oh-so-good! As a finishing touch, a handful of crunchy pebbled cereal is flung onto the freshly frosted donut, adding a bit of crunchy rainbow flavor to every sweet treat. Feast on a buttery pull-apart donut that explodes with freshly baked donut flavor, smooth vanilla frosting, and crunchy rainbow cereal in every cloud!