Donut Town Strawberry Street Ejuice


Strawberry Street Ejuice by Donut Town presents a sweet and delicious strawberry frosted donut, bursting with warm and soft donut goodness and smothered with a wild strawberry icing. As a finishing touch, a handful of freshly sliced strawberries are flung atop of the moist dessert, ready to attack your taste buds with a cloud brimming with a delicious dessert and fresh fruit flavor! Brand: Donut Town / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Donut Town Strawberry Street Ejuice Description Take a stroll down a street that features warm and fresh scents of strawberry donuts with every step, thanks to a famous donut shop that has become a dearly beloved cloud-chasing spot for centuries! Dozens of soft and pull-apart donuts are baked fresh daily, thanks to a top secret recipe that makes these sought-after donuts a delicate delicacy! Sweet cream, melted butter, pure cane sugar, and dozens of sliced strawberries are folded into a sticky sweet dough, ready to be formed into the classic donut shape! These sticky donuts are slid into the oven, where they bake to just the right fluffiness. Once the dough has risen, each donut gets carefully lowered into a pot of boiling oil! Each donut is fried to a golden crisp on either side and then set on a moving conveyor belt to the frosting room! A towering waterfall of molten pink strawberry icing cascades over each freshly boiled donut, thoroughly coating each dessert with a mouthwatering pink frosting that bursts with sweet strawberry flavor in every bite! As a finishing touch, a handful of wild strawberry slivers are flung atop each donut, ensuring a mouthful of wild strawberry flavor in every cloud! Indulge in your fruit and dessert cravings with a single puff, thanks to this sweet and yummy dessert eliquid called Strawberry Street by Donut Town!