Donuts Ejuice & Donut Town Blueberry 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Donuts Ejuice has been rebranded to Marina Classics Donuts Ejuice & Donut Town Blueberry 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle features not one, but TWO bottles of soft and freshly baked donuts with a delightful blueberry frosting offers the perfect cloud of donut filled yumminess! Now enjoy two times the clouds for a fraction of the price with this delightful 2 Pack Bundle! Brands: Donuts Ejuice & Donut Town / Bottle Size: 160mL (60ml &100ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Donuts Ejuice & Donut Town Blueberry 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description First up we have Blueberry by Donuts Ejuice. Something about a freshly made dessert makes your mouth water and your heart beat faster. The sweet and intoxicating scent of soft and sweet donuts pulled fresh from the boiler and smothered in a thick sticky frosting is a thing of beauty that no vaper will be able to resist! Now that euphoric feeling can be yours at a moments notice, thanks to this warm and smooth eliquid you see before you! The Hot Donuts sign is on, and you race to claim yours before its too late! As you press your face against the glass, you can see those succulent treats gently floating by on a conveyor belt, soft and spongey and altogether lovely! You watch as these sweet and freshly made donuts are drowned in a waterfall of sweet blueberry frosting, made fresh from pure cane sugar and wild blueberries.> Lastly, we have Blueberry BLVD by Donut Town. These donuts get pinched and rolled into a thin circle and baked just enough to let the dough rise. Out come the donuts, steaming hot, only to be dumped into a fryer, bubbling merrily with scalding oil! These sweet donuts are fried on both sides to a deliciously deep golden brown. Then the donuts are sent down a conveyor belt, where a waterfall of gooey frosting is poured evenly across each donut. Out pop the donuts on the other side, and a sprinkling of fresh blueberry slices top each donut for a riveting blueberry flavor! Dunk these bad boys into a tall glass of milk and savor the sweet and creamy flavor of each delectable treat.