Dream Drip 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Dream Drip 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle features a triple whammy of all your favorites. One bottle features a delicious cornucopia of sweet and ripe fruits, with a surprise twist at the end! Frost Berries Cereal features a cloud of Saturday morning cartoons paired with a bowl of freshly poured frosted cornflakes with sliced strawberries. And the third bottle delivers an eliquid from vanilla heaven, with creamy vanilla cream sandwiched between two sweet and crunchy sugar cookies! Brand: Dream Drip / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit, Dessert Dream Drip 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description First up, we have Breezy. Enjoy a juicy combination of fresh fruits blended together to create a vape juice thats worth salivating on your favorite shirt for. A fruit mix which includes fresh chunks of summer watermelon, light notes of cool cucumber, thick slices of ripe green kiwi and fat slivers of sunkissed strawberries, this concoction makes for one of the juiciest eliquids around. Next, we have Frost Berries Cereal. Feel free to tip your cereal bowl onto your head in ecstasy as this frosted berry cereal takes you to a world of grrrreat flavor and sweet clouds! Crunchy cereal flakes with a sugary frosting burst with honest-to-goodness Saturday morning flavor. Freshly sliced strawberries peek out behind crunchy flakes and offer a fruity kick to a creamy flavor. While we can??????t say that vaping is part of a complete breakfast, we can say that no breakfast flavor lovers will be complete without trying this breakfast flavor of champions! And finally, we have Vanilla Sugar Cookie. Santa Claus may very well take up vaping after trying this cookie-wich of flavor. A thick and sugary vanilla buttercream is crafted from only the freshest cream, the finest vanilla bean stalks, and the sweetest pure cane sugar we could find! Rich and freshly churned sweet cream gets blended with imported Tahitian vanilla bean and beaten into a frothy creme de la creme delight. Layers of this cream are spread evenly between two freshly baked sugar cookie circles, ensuring that they perfectly fit into your cold glass of milk primed for daily dunking!