Dream Drip Frost Berries Cereal


Frost Berries Cereal Ejuice by Dream Drip delivers a sweet and creamy flavor, perfect for your morning wake and vape sessions! Crunchy flakes of frosted cereal doused with a splash of milk and freshly cut berries make this a truly delectable vape Ejuice! So go ahead and pour yourself a bowl of sweet and creamy fruit clouds! Brand: Dream Drip / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Dream Drip Frost Berries Cereal Description?????? Here we give you the breakfast vape juice of champions, filled to the brim with frosted crunchy cereal, poured fresh from the cereal box to fuel your morning clouds. A neverending stream of cold milk splashes on top of the sweet flakes, coating them with fresh cream but never making them soggy. And finally, a handful of freshly sliced strawberries, picked wild and fresh this morning, are flung atop the brimming bowl for a sweet and juicy fruit kick! Feel free to tip your cereal bowl onto your head in ecstasy as this frosted berry cereal takes you to a world of grrrreat flavor and sweet clouds! Crunchy cereal flakes with a sugary frosting burst with honest-to-goodness Saturday morning flavor. Freshly sliced strawberries peek out behind crunchy flakes and offer a fruity kick to a creamy flavor. While we can??????t say that vaping is part of a complete breakfast, we can say that no breakfast flavor lovers will be complete without trying this breakfast flavor of champions! So go ahead, pour yourself a bowl brimming with crunchy frosted cereal, fresh milk, and sliced strawberries in every spoonful! Feast on this breakfast wake-and-vape juice of champions, and keep your morning clouds fresh, sweet, and full of morning flavor!