Drip This Sour Grape Ejuice


Grape Ejuice by Drip This Sour features a bumpercrop of sweet and sour concord grapes soaked in a sour syrup bath! Zing your vape taste buds into next week with a deliciously sweet and fruity grape inhale and a powerful kick of sour on the exhale! Brand: Drip This Sour / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Drip This Sour Grape Ejuice Description Its a party in Italy and your vape taste buds are invited! This party is truly a showstopper, and everyone crowds into the famous Italian vineyards, where lush and ripe grapes bunch together in fat clusters. These sweet grapes are ready to be plucked, and yet, no one has come to pick them! Thats because theyre waiting for a truly magical event, where taste buds can feast on the best of both worlds. What worlds, you ask? The bountiful sugary sweet world and the mean and vicious taste of sour. Theres a special time of year when the clouds merge into a fierce cumulonimbus cloud, bold and mean and…sour. The clouds open up and down comes a torrential downpour, but not of rain…the liquid that rains upon the grape vineyard is horrifyingly sour, but your taste buds simply cant get enough of it! For four days and four nights, this frightful cloud rains only over the vineyards, soaking each grape with a thick and sour syrup coating. Once the sour rain has ceased, out flock the townspeople to collect these sweet and sour treasures! A precious handful of these sweet fruits are pressed into a liquid form and bottled up carefully to last until the next sour rain! Treat your vape taste buds to a sweet and sour delicacy of freshly plucked concord grapes doused in a sour syrup and transformed into sweet and sour clouds!