Drip This Sour Mango Ejuice


Mango Ejuice by Drip This Sour features a delightful twist on a classic tropical favorite! Relax by a sea of sour sweetness rains upon your taste buds in the form of sour mangoes, washed ashore and bursting with island goodness! Sweet mangoes are present in the inhale, and a bite of sour in the exhale! Brand: Drip This Sour / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Drip This Sour Mango Ejuice Description Take your vape taste buds on an unusual tropical adventure, to an island where a mysterious fruit is quickly becoming the most sought-after fruit in the world! A fresh and juicy mango is ready to attack your taste buds with swift and fierce flavor, but with a kick of sour in addition to the beloved sweetness. Legend has it that long ago, a curse was placed upon the island so that all the saltwater was replaced by mouth-squinching sour water. Somehow, the mango trees still flourished, delivering sweet and ripe fruits that gently swayed in the island breeze. The mango trees grew heavy with all this ripe fruit and no one to pick them. But one day, a shipwrecked survivor washed ashore, and greedily reached for the succulent fruits. Imagine his surprise when he tore off the skin and sank his teeth into the ripe fruit, expecting a sweet and refreshing burst of flavor on his palette, but receiving a powerful punch of sour that knocked him off his feet! The lone survivor was eventually rescued but managed to transport an entire cargo of these mangoes back home, bribing the crew with a sour mango of their own. Once home, the lone survivor concocted a rich and flavorful eliquid that keeps fruit lovers on their toes, always wary of the sweet and sour flavor within! Think your vape taste buds can handle the power of a sweet and sour mango? Only one way to find out!