Drip This Sour Strawberry Ejuice


Strawberry Ejuice by Drip This Sour features a ruby red strawberry overrun with viciously sour flavor. Enjoy a punch of sweetness with a kick of sour, thanks to this violently flavorful eliquid! Take your vape taste buds on a wildly delicious berry flavor with a sweet fruity inhale and a wickedly sour exhale! Brand: Drip This Sour / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Drip This Sour Strawberry Ejuice Description It takes a real master of sweet and sour to appreciate this potent blend of sweet berries and sour sauce! There is a field of strawberries that produces an odd phenomenon of sweet and sour strawberries, ready to surprise your palate with a kick of unexpected flavor. The farmer of this field grew tired of people sneaking in and stealing his prized ruby red fruits, so as revenge, he sowed strawberry seeds soaked in a powerfully sour syrup in the light of a full moon. The strawberries grew innocently, waxing fat and succulent in the heat of the summer sun. The farmer cackled as he watched the ruffians sneak into his berry patch, helping themselves to the fruits of his labor. Imagine his glee when the thieves were horrified at the taste of the sour strawberries, unsuspectedly waiting for the sweet and juicy fruit of the sun-kissed fruits. Away ran the thieves, bemoaning their broken taste buds, and swearing to never return again! News spread of the cursed berries, and soon, the farmer was famous for his ingenious creation, and sour seekers everywhere swarmed to his fields, searching for the sweet berries with a delightful burst of sour! You too can discover the delicious sweet and sour berries…look no further than the 100mL bottle before you!