Drip This Sour Watermelon Ejuice


Watermelon Ejuice by Drip This Sour features a sweet and sour eliquid your vape taste buds wont want to miss! Feast on a heaping bowlful of sweet watermelon chunks blasted with a powerful sour that will make your eyes water and your taste buds sing! Sweet juicy watermelon on the inhale and sour sugar on the exhale will quickly make this eliquid your new all-day favorite! Brand: Drip This Sour / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Drip This Sour Watermelon Ejuice Description Are you ready to take your vape taste buds to a world where sweet fruits and sour sugar collide? The kiss of sweetness and the kick of sour may simply be more than your palette can handle! But off we go, on this delightful journey of sweet and sour scented clouds! A lush melon patch lay long forgotten, nearly overgrown with kudzu vines. The melons were once warm and sweet, ready to be hacked open to provide much-needed refreshment from the relentless summer sun. But as winter grew closer, the sweet melons were forgotten and falling leaves began to hide the swollen fruits. Angered by the forgetfulness of the fruit lovers, the watermelons grew wickedly sour, defying anyone to enjoy them again. Winter passed and spring came rushing in, and again the melon patch was once again ambushed by the eager fingertips. Down came the blade, quick to slice open the melon, and ready to serve up sweet chunks of fresh fruit. But alas! True to its word, the melon had deprived itself of the once-succulent sweetness, leaving a wickedly sour juice in its place! But instead of being horrified, the fruit lovers were delighted and wasted no time in devouring the sweet and sour fruit. The remaining watermelons were sliced and crushed so that the sweet and sour melon juice could be enjoyed year round! Enjoy the bottle that you have in your hands, for there may not be much time left before the sour watermelon supply runs out!