Flawless Infamous Ejuice


Infamous Ejuice by Flawless delivers a wonderful cornucopia of flavor, featuring orchard fresh fruits that are just waiting to attack your vape taste buds with sweet and juicy fruit flavor Crisp apple, ripe pear, and exotic kiwi come together in a madhouse of fruity goodness that your vape taste buds will sing for! Brand: Flawless / Bottle Size: 120mL / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Flawless Infamous Ejuice Description Feast your eyes on the fruits of your cloud chasing labor with this famous trio of delightful fruit faves! Crisp Fuji apples dance with freshly sliced sweetness and pure October flavor, waiting to be plucked from the branches of the overladen orchard trees. Exotic kiwis traveled all the way from the islands to take part in this delightful gathering of the great ones, patiently waiting to be stripped of their furry brown skin to reveal the emerald green jewel within. Sweet green and slightly tart, this exotic flavor delivers a powerhouse of juicy fruit fun! And last but definitely not least, subtle and shy pear flavor traveled all the way from Asia to be a part of this delightful fruit medley. Taste the sweetness of each fruit as it drips all the way throughout this eliquid for a rich and undulating tone of sweetness that pervades every nook and cranny of dreamy clouds. Flawless offers your taste buds a chance to dive into lush flavor of sweet fall apples, tropical kiwi, and lush juicy pears. How can you resist the calling? As this trio of these fruits jockey for position in your vape tank, let your taste buds decide which flavor comes out on top.