Flawless Legend Ejuice


Legend Ejuice by Flawless presents a tall glass of delicious refreshment, perfect for an afternoon in the summer sun or a wistful fall day where you eagerly await the coming of spring. A flavorful refreshing blend of summer strawberry and ripe watermelon are swirled together in a freshly squeezed pitcher of lemonade! ??????Brand: Flawless / Bottle Size: 120mL / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Flawless Legend Ejuice Description Baskets of sweet summer strawberries are tenderly gathered in the heat of the summer sun, preserving the wonderful taste of warmth and juicy flavor. These sweet berries are sliced into thick slices and chucked into a glass pitcher, preparing for a wave of a refreshing beverage to wash over them. This delightful beverage in question is a cold refreshing glass of freshly squeezed lemonade, bursting with sweet and just a touch of sour lemonade goodness. Thick slices of vine-ripened watermelon jump into the mix with a juicy splash, making for a true watermelon and strawberry lemonade party! Your taste buds will nearly run away themselves in this madhouse of flavor, dancing in a wave of fresh juicy peaches floating in a delicious pool of lemonade! Take a swig of puffy cloud wonderment and settle down in a lawn-chair with this flavor comfortably nestled in your tank. Legend by Flawless promises large slices of fresh strawberries and summer watermelon, bursting with refreshing goodness. Drink in the delicious flavor of freshly squeezed Meyer lemons floating in a pitcher of crisp and cold ice water, purely sweetened with the lush flavor of fat and juicy summer watermelons and the sweet sunkissed goodness of ripe strawberries.