Flawless Outcast Ejuice


Outcast Ejuice by Flawless brings you a day at the beach circus, and also calls for a cotton candy flavored taffy square! Come for the candy and stay for the show! Soft and sweet cotton candy swirled into a chewy square of taffy might prove to be more than your vape taste buds can handle! Brand: Flawless / Bottle Size: 120mL / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Flawless Outcast Ejuice Description Make a true carnival beach day a day to remember with this concoction of freshly spun cotton candy and saltwater taffy! In our Vape-oh Presto Magic kit, we found a hella way to fuse it to make this the new mainstream vape treat for vapers everywhere! Light and airy strands of freshly spun cotton candy turn pink with shyness at seeing the strong and strapping flavor of a saltwater taffy square. Stretched and pulled and shaped into a chewy masterpiece, this saltwater taffy boldly steps into the ring where he may meet his blushing bride. Cotton candy and saltwater taffy unite in this generous 120 mL bottle. Feast on a never before seen flavor of saltwater cotton candy or cotton candy taffy! Whichever you please is the name of the game, though outcast it may be at first glance, give this delightful blend a try! You may have one both sweets at one point, but never together. Now thanks to this ingenious yet outcast eliquid from Flawless, you can sample the simple goodness of two carnival favorites swirled into a single eliquid. Soft and fluffy cotton candy swirled into a thick and chewy square of saltwater taffy might just become your new favorite carny treat!