Food Fighter Pound It Ejuice


Pound It Ejuice by Food Fighter is a sweet Meyer lemon infused butter pound cake slathered with a layer of gooey vanilla frosting. Enjoy a freshly baked dessert stuffed with smooth vanilla sweetness and swirled with a tart lemon icing for a sweet and citrus-scented cloud! Brand: Food Fighter / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert Food Fighter Pound It Ejuice Description A rich and buttery pound cake batter is whipped up from a pound of melted butter, sixteen ounces of pure cane sugar, a pint of farm fresh cream, two cups of freshly grated Meyer lemons, and a dash of sweet Tahitian vanilla. This sweet and sticky cake batter is stirred to perfection and poured into a buttered loaf pan. The pans are stuffed into a hot oven, where the cakes slowly rise and bake to a mouthwatering golden brown, sending out sweet and citrus-y scents throughout the kitchen. The fresh cakes are removed from the oven, flipped out of their scalding loaf pans, and set to cool on the windowsill. Once the cake has cooled, its time to decorate! A smooth and creamy lemon icing is poured over the entire cake, coating it from top to bottom with a thick and sweet layer of delicious lemon delight. Add a layer of freshly whipped vanilla icing and some freshly grated lemon zest, and your vape taste buds will swoon right into cloud chasers heaven! Celebrate a classic dessert crammed inside a hefty 120 mL bottle simply brimming with freshly baked pound cake, zesty lemon, and gooey lemon icing! Are your vape taste buds ready for a good pounding, baby?