Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins Ejuice


The Angry Munchkins by Food Fighter offers a delicious dessert eliquid that will have your vape taste buds ready to wage war on your clouds! Little rolled balls of donut dough are stuffed with creme brulee and paired with fresh mixed berries. Voila and Bon appetite! Brand: Food Fighter / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins Ejuice Description The Angry Munchkins by Food Fighter deliver an angry yet delicious dessert eliquids, featuring a medley of mini fried donut holes stuffed with freshly whipped creme brulee and topped with pureed mixed berries. Remember the Lollipop Guild and Lullaby League from the Wizard of Oz? Meet their not so nice cousins, the Angry Munchkins! These wicked little fellas create the most delectable mini donut holes you??????ve ever tried, but it will be the last thing you ever try unless you can coax them away for even a few seconds. Deep inside their factory, rows of fresh donut holes have been tenderly injected with a rich and smooth creme brulee, rivaling the best of France. As a delicate garnish, they??????ve adorned each munchkin with an assortment of mixed berries to offer a natural sweetness and a touch of color to the glazed donut holes. If you can somehow sneak your way past the Angry Munchkin guards, you may very well have a chance to taste the treat of a lifetime…enter if you dare! Get your vape pastry fix of sweet creme brulee dough balls topped with a mixed berry puree, compliments of Pound It Ejuice by Food Fighter!