Food Fighter The Raging Donut Ejuice


The Raging Donut Ejuice by Food Fighter presents your vape taste buds to soft and fluffy donuts peeking out from underneath layers of sweet strawberry frosting and topped with crunchy pebbled cereals! Enjoy a sweet and crunchy cloud of freshly baked hot donuts in every puff! Brand: Food Fighter / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert Food Fighter The Raging Donut Ejuice Description Look out below! The rage of the donut is a merciless attack that will make even the most fearless police officer cower in fear. Behold the anger of the fluffy dessert, known to make vape taste buds salivate and crave and beg for this tasty treat! A freshly baked donut sends out soft tendrils of delicious dessert scented vapor, tantalizing the nostrils of any passerby and wooing them to their soft wandering maze of an unending search for the smell! The Raging Donut doesn??????t fight fair and creates an even more maddening flavor by drizzling a gooey and freshly whipped strawberry glaze over top of the freshly baked donuts. For a final finishing touch, heaping handfuls of crunchy pebbled cereal are tossed carelessly on atop this decadent masterpiece, sure to get your vape taste buds going! Your vape taste buds will never be the same again after chowing down on a tasty mouthful of soft and sweet pull-apart donuts, frosted with warm and sticky strawberry frosting and coated with rainbow pebbled cereal. Celebrate the one and only law enforcement downfall, crammed inside a hefty 120 mL bottle simply brimming with freshly baked donuts, crunchy pebbled cereal, and gooey strawberry icing!