Fresca Mango Banana Ejuice


About Fresca Mango Banana Ejuice Combining the tropical sweetness of mango with the earthy and slightly pungent scent of banana, the Fresca ELiquids Mango Banana eJuice is a welcoming flavor combination that breaks away from the popular berry and citrus-centric flavors that currently exist in the eJuice market. It starts with a smooth and fragrant scent then gradually shifts to a familiar banana flavor that doesn??????t overpower the vapors. This results in a delicious, fragrant and unique tropical blend that ticks all the right boxes for an outstanding, flavor-packed eJuice. The Fresca Mango Banana flavor comes highly recommended by both new vapers and experienced ones that have sampled many flavors in the past. The deliciously sweet tropical vapor is refreshing and contrasts perfectly with the subdued banana flavor. If you??????re in the mood for something exotic and exciting, then this is one eJuice that definitely deserves a spot in your collection. Fresca Mango Banana Ejuice Details Brand: Fresca Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 75ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit Fresca eJuices come in 75ML bottles that are convenient to use thanks to the nozzle tip which can be used to quickly refill your e-cigarette. The flavors are pronounced and the eJuice is available with nicotine strengths of 3MG, 6MG and 0MG. Fresca is a well-known brand among vapers and their unique fruity blends are popular all across the world.