Fresca Mango Strawberry Ejuice


About Fresca Mango Strawberry Ejuice Fresca Eliquids Mango Strawberry is one of the latest fruity eJuice blends to hit the shelves and its mix of tropical sweetness with a refreshing strawberry fragrance does not disappoint. The vapors are packed with a delightfully fruity taste that leads off into a slightly sour hit that is common in ripe strawberries. Strawberry itself has a unique flavor profile that is difficult to pinpoint, but when mixed with the smooth and honeyed mango scent, it brings out delight floral notes that make this eJuice such a joy to vape. The delicious combination of mango and strawberry is accentuated by the high-quality ingredients that go into the Fresca Eliquids Mango Strawberry eJuice. The mango scent is distinct especially in its vapor, but the fragrance of ripe summer strawberries also shines through once the initial sweetness of the mango fades. The mildly acidic close to the flavor profile is reminiscent of sampling real strawberries that have been freshly plucked from nature, giving this eJuice a smooth and subtle quality that takes you for a fruity ride. Fresca Mango Strawberry Ejuice Details Brand: Fresca Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 75ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit The Fresca Eliquids Mango Strawberry is available in 3MG, 6MG and 0MG nicotine strengths and comes in a convenient 75ML bottle with a nozzle for easy refills. It??????s a highly-recommended product that offers one of the most unique and pleasant fruity vaping experiences and the long-lasting flavors won??????t disappoint you.