Fresh & Sour Strawberry Shocker Ejuice


Strawberry Shocker Ejuice by Fresh & Sour delivers a shockingly sour and deliciously sweet fruit and candy vape juice right to your tank. Sweet slices of freshly gleaned strawberries are plunged into a sour syrup and left to dazzle your clouds with sweet and sour goodness! Brand: Fresh & Sour / Bottle Size: 60ml & 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Fresh & Sour Strawberry Shocker Ejuice Description Its summertime madness in this hefty bottle of sweet and sour eliquid, and Fresh & Sour has crafted a flavor to tantalize your vape taste buds with a sweet and ripe strawberry in the inhale, followed by a shocking blast of sour in the exhale! Dozens of wild strawberries were gathered in the heat of the summer sun, each berry gleaming a bright ruby red. These summer strawberry are sliced into thick slivers and marinated in a fiercely sour syrup, resulting in a zinger that promises even the most eye-squinching of grimaces. In a world of fruit and dessert and candy flavors, sometimes you??????re just looking for something a little different, a little farther off the beaten path, a diamond in the rough, if you will. Well here is the genie that promises to grant your three wishes: flavor, clouds, and quantity! This 120 mL bottle of fragrant sweet and sour promises to attack your vape taste buds with sweet strawberry and sour sugar voracity, unmatched by any other sour Ejuice on the market! Strawberry Shocker Ejuice doesn??????t fight fair and creates a maddening flavor of sour lip-smacking bliss amongst a beautiful array of sweet slices of summer strawberry.