Fresh & Sour Watermelon Blast Ejuice


Watermelon Blast Ejuice by Fresh & Sour presents a bowlful of freshly sliced watermelon chunks, wild and wet and full of summer flavor. But an unexpected twist reveals itself in the exhale, where a mind-numbing sour attacks your taste buds with feral ferocity and takes you down the rabbit hole of sweet and sour flavor! Brand: Fresh & Sour / Bottle Size: 60ml & 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Fresh & Sour Watermelon Blast Ejuice Description Treat your vape taste buds to a screechingly sour batch of fresh watermelon, doused in sour syrup and left for your eager taste buds to devour! These sweet melons were harvested in the heat of the summer sun, waxing fat and juicy under the suns mighty rays. But one day, a storm of electric rain poured from the heavens and rained heavily upon the swollen watermelons. The sourness of the rain seeped into the rind of the watermelons, infusing each juicy fruit with a swift kick of sourness in every slice. On the day of the harvest, one farmer couldnt help himself from sampling the innocent looking melons and hacked the fat fruit in half, greedily scooping out the chunks with his fingers. Upon the first chunk of melon landing on his tongue, the farmers eyes bugged out and his lips pinched shut at the incredibly sour flavor. The shock of the sour flavor was quickly replaced by a sweet and refreshing melon flavor, but the surprise had been uncovered and the marvelous discovery of sour melons was a true delight. Thanks to this discovery, you can taste for yourself the magnificent flavor of fresh and sour watermelon chunks, harsh ad wickedly sour on the inhale, but sweet and refreshing on the exhale. Take your vape taste buds down the rabbit hole of electrifying flavor and sample the sweet and sour watermelon clouds for yourself!