Frost Factory Iced Chee Ejuice


Iced Chee Ejuice by Frost Factory features the unique taste of fresh lychees mixed with a juicy combination of exotic fruits blended together and topped off with a cool menthol kick. Feast on a frozen fruit favorite of sweet lychees covered in a foot of snow, thanks to this icy eliquid flavor! Brand: Frost Factory / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol Frost Factory Iced Chee Ejuice Description Feast on a frozen strip of taffy, covered with freshly fallen snow and infused with the cool and juicy flavor of flash-frozen lychees! The determined vape chemists from Air Factory traveled all the way to the Taklamakan Desert to find these flavorful Asian fruits, but got caught in a blustering snowstorm! They pitched their tents underneath a lone tree and waited for several days for the storm to abate. Once the blistering storm passed, they ventured cautiously from their tents and discovered a desert covered with a thick blanket of snow! The tree that they had huddled beneath was now covered in soft snow and sported curious looking snowball fruits on each branch. One magnificent snowball fell from the tree and landed at their feet, breaking open to reveal a sweet and luscious pink lychee fruit, soft and juicy but carrying a wickedly cold flavor! The vape chemists hurriedly gathered as much as the lychee fruit as they could, stuffing the cold and sweet fruit into their garment bags. Once they reached their destination, these crafty chemists broke open the icy lychees and dumped them into a vat of sweet and sticky taffy, ready to be pulled into thick and chewy strips! Enjoy a delightful flavor of sweet and sticky taffy, flavored with icy lychee flavor for a snowy cloud of sweets and fruit that your vape taste buds are sure to love!