Fruits By Dinner Lady Pink Wave Ejuice


Pink Wave Ejuice by Fruits By Dinner Lady washes over your taste buds with fresh strawberries, tart lemon and milky coconut. Enjoy a tropical vacation of clouds that will have your taste buds spinning with happiness. Sweet, tart, and milky flavor all in one cloud? Yes please! Brand: Dinner Lady / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruits Fruits By Dinner Lady Pink Wave Ejuice Description Jump into a cloud of fruity perfection, brought to you by the one and only Dinner Lady! We start off our fruity eliquid with the fresh and juicy flavor of just-picked strawberries. Each berry is still warm from the midday sun and offers the delicious flavor of summer in every bite. Close your eyes and savor the sweetness of each berry from the first bite to the last. Next, we have a tart addition to our sweet vape juice: lemons! These tart yellow orbs are sliced into thick wedges and squeezed over each berry. The powerful flavor of lemons is infused into each ripe strawberry and coats the fruit with a delightful tart sweetness. And now that weve taken care of the sweet and sour, its time to add the final element of this delicious fruit eliquid: coconuts. Transported from your favorite island, these furry coconuts are smashed open with a hammer to reveal the creamy milk within. We scrape the sides to harvest the coconut jelly as well, making sure no part of this exotic fruit is wasted. The chewiness of the coconut jelly and the milky flavor of the coconut milk is added to the lemon-bathed strawberries, resulting in an epic all-day vape juice called Pink Wave by Fruits By Dinner Lady!