Fruits By Dinner Lady Purple Rain Ejuice


Purple Rain Ejuice by Fruits By Dinner Lady showers your taste buds with affection, in the form of sweet blueberries, tart raspberry and tangy lemons. Youll be singing and dancing in the fruity clouds of this all-day vape juice, ready to tackle anything the day can throw at you! Brand: Dinner Lady / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruits Fruits By Dinner Lady Purple Rain Ejuice Description Throw away your umbrella and get ready for a stormcloud of flavor, with purple rain pouring from your lips. The sweet and refreshing fruit flavor found in every cloud will have your taste buds dancing with delight. We start off with a tremendous amount of blueberries, hauled in from the berry bushes near Lake Minnetonka. These sweet and wild berries are crushed into liquid form, releasing the sweet blueberry juic into a vat. The dark berry juice stains your fingertips and coats your tongue with delicious flavor. But theres a second berry that we cant forget in this shower of flavor: fresh red raspberries. These tart red raspberries must past initiation before they can be stirred into the dark blueberry juice, so theyre meticulously inspected and sampled for optimal sweetness. The raspberries are crushed into a chunky compote and are carefully swirled into the blue berry juice. The two berries come together in glorious harmony to deliver a fresh and fruity cloud of berries.And finally, we have the freshly squeezed juice from a Meyer lemon. These lemons are rolled and squeezed and crushed until every last drop of tart lemon juice is wrung from the rind. This sour and tangy lemon juice is drizzled on top of the blueberries and raspberries, infusing each berry with a kiss of tanginess. The entire fruit cocktail is stuffed into the 60mL bottle you see before you, brimming with flavor and offering a powerful punch of flavor. Grab your bottle today and immerse yourself in the sweet and refreshing flavor of ripe strawberries, lush blueberries, and tangy lemons known as Purple Rain by Fruits By Dinner Lady!