Happy End Pink Cotton Candy Ejuice


Pink Cotton Candy Ejuice by Happy End eLiquid delivers a sweet treat that melts in your mouth and delights your taste buds: freshly spun cotton candy! Enjoy your trip to the circus with a huge tuft of soft and sweet cotton candy, perched atop a giant paper cone! Brand: Happy End eLiquid / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Happy End Pink Cotton Candy Ejuice Description Its a sunny day at the carnival and you race around, trying to see as much of the sprawling circus as you can! As you throw peanuts at the elephants and roar at the lions, you realize you almost forgot the most important treat of all: cotton candy! You sprint to the bearded lady and give your last dollar for a tall cone of that sweet and sugary freshly spun sugar! The light and airy candy is gently spun into thin strands and lines the side of the machine, sweetened with the juice of a thousand pink berries. These delicate strands are scooped up carefully and piled high on a tall paper cone, perched almost as high as your head! Your mouth begins to water and you remember the sweet and sugary flavor, and with great effort, you resist your urge to dive headfirst into that bath of candied silk! At last, your carnival confection is ready for you! You bury your face in a sweet and silky cloud of freshly spun sweetness, sending your taste buds into sugary overload! Each tuft melts in your mouth with delicate sweetness, leaving you craving more! Enjoy the same nostalgia with this deliciously sweet and sugary flavor called Pink Cotton Candy by Happy End!