Hi-Drip Iced Blood Orange Pineapple Ejuice


Blood Orange Pineapple Ejuice by Hi-Drip Iced delivers a chilly eliquid of freshly frozen blood oranges and icy pineapple spears! Freeze your taste buds silly with this arctic blast of frosty fruits in every single cloud, perfect for fruit and menthol vape lovers everywhere! Brand: Hi-Drip / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol, Fruit Hi-Drip Iced Blood Orange Pineapple Ejuice Description Pull on your snow gear and your heavy winter coat, because were going skiing through a slope of frozen fruits! Strap on your skis because its time to slalom through the snowy orchards of Hi Drips beloved fruit trees! These orchards were once renowned for their ripe and juicy fruits, but in the harsh season of winter, theres much more fun in the trees! We start off in the snow-capped hills of the blood oranges, where smooth orange globes are firmly encased in a sheen of ice. The bitter cold of winter has frozen the dark red orange juice within to a solid sphere, daring your taste buds to sample the icy sweetness within. Next, we whip through the groves of pineapple trees, where snow-dusted pineapples are frozen solid in the artic chill. These sweet pineapples are split open by our sharp ski spikes to reveal the cold and sweet yellow flesh within. Keep your icy fruit cravings at bay with just a single puff of this eliquid, but with flavor so crisp and juicy as this, why would you stop at one? Your taste buds might freeze over with happiness, thanks to this deliciously icy and sweet eliquid full of frosty blood oranges and icy pineapples! For fruit and menthol lovers everywhere, Blood Orange Pineapple Ejuice by Hi-Drip is one eliquid you wont want to pass up!