Hi-Drip Iced Honeydew Strawberry Ejuice


Honeydew Strawberry Ejuice by Hi-Drip Iced freezes your taste buds in their tracks with the icy flavor of frozen honeydew melons and chilly strawberries! Embrace the frigid winter fruits with this delicious mentholated fruit eliquid and see how sweet frozen fruit can be! Fruit and menthol lovers, prepare to have your taste buds frozen solid! Brand: Hi-Drip / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol, Fruit Hi-Drip Iced Honeydew Strawberry Ejuice Description Take a trip to the top of Mount Everest, where the frosty temperatures have frozen all of the nearby fruit into a solid mass! Make sure your snowboard is strapped on good and tight, because this icy cloud promises to bring an avalanche of flavor to your taste buds! We begin weaving through a patch of frozen honeydew melons, where fat and swollen honeydew melons present a chilly reward for your watering taste buds. Slash open these frosty melons with a swift kick of your snowboard, revealing an icy pale green flesh thats just waiting to delight your taste buds with smooth and refreshing flavor. Once youve had your fill of the honeydew melons, its time to race over the strawberry patch! Cold and snowy strawberries lie motionless on their brambles, the bitter cold of winter keeping them from ever touching the ground or swaying in the breeze. Reach out your mittened hand and sample the sweet yet icy flavor of flash-frozen strawberries. Youll think youve gone to frozen fruit heaven with these two fruits, offering a chilly berry flavor on the inhale, while an icy melon flavor on the exhale makes you shiver with pleasure. Enjoy a freezing cloud of fruit goodness in this eliquid, stuffed with arctic honeydew melons and snow-covered strawberries in every cloud, thanks to Honeydew Strawberry Ejuice by Hi-Drip Iced!