Hi-Drip Iced Water Melons Ejuice


Water Melons Ejuice by Hi-Drip Iced turns your summer upside down with chunks of frozen watermelons! Indulge in the icy flavor of crisp and watery snow melons, bringing the chill of the Arctic in every puff! Fruit and menthol lovers unite in this delicious sweet and icy vape juice! Brand: Hi-Drip / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol, Fruit Hi-Drip Iced Water Melons Ejuice Description We traveled to the ends of the earth to find these succulent snowy watermelons, crisp and cold from the bitter cold. These sweet melons soaked for countless days until the very chill of the arctic settled into each melon. We donned our snow gear and made the treacherous journey to the famous frozen melon patches, just south of the North Pole. Dodging penguins and polar bears who seemed to be guarding the icy fruit, we finally made our way into the icy melon patch. We could only carry away a single icy melon, made even heavier with the weight of the frozen snow. Once back at our eliquid factory, we set to work thawing the melon to try to restore it to its former summer glory, but alas! The arctic fruit never became fully unfrozen, leaving us with a far better present: frozen watermelon chunks! We managed to crush the chunks into a slushy mix, the ice and snow only barely melting in spite of all our efforts. We stuffed the arctic eliquid into a 100mL bottle, the same as you see before you now. Each puff delivers the crisp chill of the Arctic, as well as the fresh and flavorful taste of the wintery watermelon. Delight your taste buds with this frosty eliquid and sample the chilly sweetness of an authentic North Pole watermelon, thanks to this icy Water Melons Ejuice by Hi-Drip Iced!