Hit That Cookie Macadamia Ejuice


Macadamia Ejuice by Hit That Cookie lets you munch on a soft and freshly baked macadamia cookie, stuffed with white chocolate chunks and crunchy Macadamia nuts! Enjoy a truly delectable soft-baked kitchen masterpiece that will have your vape taste buds begging to hit that cookie flavor every day! Brand: Hit That Cookie / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert Hit That Cookie Macadamia Ejuice Description A soft and freshly baked cookie balances on the edge of a cookie tray, sending out intoxicating tendrils of oven-warm cookie goodness. Melted chunks of decadent white chocolate gleam and threaten to drip down the cookie if left untouched. And hot crunchy Macadamia nuts burst from the surface in enticing bumps along the cookie, begging to be snatched up and dunked in a cold creamy glass of milk. But wait! Oh no! The cookie is falling to the floor, in a slow-motion picture of carelessness. But just as it touches the floor…POOF! As the clouds of smoke clear, you see an eliquid bottle resting where the cookie once was, and you immediately realize that that tantalizing flavor is waiting to be uncapped and poured into your vape tank. What are you waiting for? This flavor won??????t vape itself, and you??????ll have no one to blame but yourself for not scooping up rich dreamy clouds of sweet cookie bliss. Luscious cookies stuffed with melted white chocolate and crunch Macadamia nuts beckon to be turned into huge puffy clouds of billowy dessert enjoyment. Feast on an exquisite cookie flavor that will have your mouth watering and your vape taste buds satisfied with the sweet taste of crunchy macadamia nuts and smooth white chocolate!