Hit That Donut Boston Cream Ejuice


Boston Cream Ejuice by Hit That Donut delivers a freshly baked donut, slathered in melted milk chocolate frosting and stuffed with a moist and creamy vanilla cream! Sink your teeth into a cloud of Boston cream donut deliciousness and feast on a dessert so good, you wont ever want to put it down! Brand: Hit That Donut / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert Hit That Donut Boston Cream Ejuice Description Take your vape taste buds on a field trip through the delicious bakery of freshly made Boston cream donuts, where your hungry eyes watch as sweet and luscious donuts are pumped out by the bakers dozen in a matter of seconds. Sweetly sticky and fried to a delicious golden brown, these yummy treats get whisked away to the chocolate factory, where mystical waterfalls of pure milk chocolate churn and bubble merrily, waiting to grace sweet treats with their soft and silky sweetness. These golden brown donuts are covered by a waterfall of melted chocolate, molten and silky and oh so delicious. Once the chocolate frosting has cooled, these milky treats are sent down the conveyor belt to an even more exotic room, where brimming bowls of cream are beaten until the froth nearly spills over the sides. A dash of dark and exotic vanilla extract is slowly and thoroughly mixed into the sweet cream, enhancing the milk with sweet Tahitian flavor. This thick and sweet cream is pumped into each donut until each donut is ready to burst! Finally, the sugary sweet is ready for your watering taste buds! Hit your vape taste buds with a pillowy cloud of sugary sweet donuts, smothered with rich milk chocolate and stuffed with a thick and creamy vanilla filling!